Mediation can be a wonderful tool in family law cases to help parties resolve disputes without the necessity of a trial. Mediation is far less adversarial than going to trial, and many courts require mediation prior to a final trial.

When representing clients at mediation in any family law matter, our attorneys believe preparation is key.  We take the time to thoroughly inform our clients about the mediation process, work with clients on an initial proposal prior to mediation, prepare language to be included in agreements for unique issues, and work with outside professionals such as financial advisors or mortgage professionals to ensure any agreements reached are feasible and will work well for our client’s particular circumstances.

Holly J. Draper and Brandi L. Crozier are also certified mediators who can mediate divorces, child custody cases, and any other family law matters. When mediating, we strive to help parties problem solve and reach creative solutions that are simply not possible in a courtroom.

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