Child Custody

Whether your child custody case is a part of a divorce, an initial suit affecting the parent-child relationship, or a modification, all child custody cases focus on your top priority – your children.

At The Draper Law Firm, our attorneys are passionate about helping parents fight for their children in a way that puts both the parent and the child in the best possible situation moving forward. Knowing when to be amicable and when to truly fight in a custody case is critical, and our attorneys work hard to help our clients understand which path will lead them to the best result. Our attorneys also know when and how to switch paths, should circumstances change during the case.

We understand that every family is unique, with different dynamics between the parents and the children and different barriers to a successful resolution. As a result, our attorneys approach each case individually to help our client navigate the system and reach a positive outcome.

In addition to representing parents in traditional custody cases against the other parent, our firm regularly represents both parents and nonparents in custody disputes where a nonparent is involved. Our firm has become a statewide leader in this area of the law following a 2020 Texas Supreme Court victory in one such case.



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