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Logan Jones

Associate Attorney

Logan Jones, originally from Bedford, Texas, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from The University of Texas before pursuing her Juris Doctorate from Baylor University. As a recent graduate from Baylor Law School, Ms. Jones enters the field of family law with a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication.

From the onset of her legal journey, she demonstrated a profound empathy for individuals facing complex familial challenges. Her academic endeavors were characterized by a deep commitment to mastering the intricate nuances of family law, ensuring she is thoroughly prepared to serve our clients with professionalism and compassion. Her experiences, both in and out of the classroom, have shaped her into a passionate advocate for individuals facing a myriad of family law challenges.

Now, as she embarks on her professional career with The Draper Law Firm, Ms. Jones is eager to apply her knowledge and skills to assist individuals and families facing various legal matters. Whether it’s navigating divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, or other family law issues, Ms. Jones is committed to providing steadfast support and guidance every step of the way.

When she is not working, Ms. Jones enjoys reading historical fiction, practicing Pilates, engaging in spirited games of pickleball, and, above all, cherishing moments with her husband and daughter.