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Integrity. Excellence. Compassion.

At The Draper Law Firm, these core values set us apart.  We strive to incorporate these tenets into every aspect of our practice.  What do these values mean to us?


Integrity means doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reason.  We will always act with integrity when dealing with clients, opposing attorneys and their staff, judges, court staff, and anyone we interact with whether inside or outside of the office or courtroom.


We expect excellence in everything we do, from the smallest interactions to the most complex issues.  Mere competence is not enough.  We will proactively keep clients informed about the status of their cases.  We will do our best work on everything we do on behalf of our clients.  We must exude confidence in our writing and in court. We strive to always be the most prepared in the courtroom, to fully prepare our clients before court appearances or mediation, and to leave no opportunity for excuses.  We put systems in place to ensure a blueprint for excellence across the board in our law firm.


We understand the emotional aspects of our client’s cases, and we know our clients are often going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.  To us, compassion means treating each client with dignity, respect, and an understanding that their problem is important to them.  Each client deserves to be heard and deserves to end up in the best possible place when coming out on the other side of a family law case.  Our attorneys thoughtfully help clients navigate the waters safely to the other side. Compassion also means being honest with clients about their situation, helping them understand the process and likely outcome in court, and helping them feel comfortable and empowered with the decisions they make during their case.

the draper law firm team

From Holly’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.



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