Although no one marries with the expectation that the marriage will someday end, many marriages do in fact end in divorce. Divorces usually involve complex issues, and it is essential that you have an experienced family law attorney helping you navigate the process.

At The Draper Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced handling high net worth divorces, often involving businesses, partnership interests, and multiple retirement accounts. Because the different types of assets involved in a complex estate are not an apples-to-apples comparison, we try to understand our clients’ priorities when dividing property. When appropriate, we bring in financial experts who can help clients understand what different property division scenarios mean for that individual years down the road. Our goal is always to put our client in the best possible situation moving forward after the divorce is finalized.

Any divorce with minor children also includes the need for a parenting plan that sets for the rights and duties of each parent, the possession schedule the parties will follow, and child support. Ideally, the parenting plan will maximize time for each parent and will allow both parents to co-parent will going forward. Sometimes, circumstances dictate a battle on the custody side, and when that happens, our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to fight for you and your children.

From Holly’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

From Holly’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.



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