Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an alternative to traditional family law litigation that is designed to help parties more peacefully resolve disputes in a confidential process without going to court. Parties choosing collaborative law each need an attorney trained in collaborative law. The parties and their attorneys work with third party neutrals to craft unique agreements that best fit the goals and circumstances of the parties.

Third party neutrals typically include a mental health professional and a financial professional. The mental health professional (a licensed professional counselor or psychologist, in most cases) works with the parties to focus on the best interests of the children while crafting a creative, customized parenting plan specifically designed for that family. The financial professional, often a certified divorce financial analyst or CPA, helps divorcing couples understand the pros and cons of dividing the estate a particular way and helps the parties determine the best way to divide the estate to best achieve the goals of both parties.

At The Draper Law Firm, we have trained collaborative attorneys who enjoy helping clients reach more peaceful resolutions in divorce and child custody cases. We realize that a family does not end in divorce, and parents will need to work together for many years to come. The collaborative process can be a great solution for families.



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