At The Draper Law Firm, we are experienced in handling different types of family law appellate matters, including appeals after a final judgment and mandamus during a pending proceeding. Sometimes judges make mistakes, and through the appellate process, we try to help fix those errors. Our firm is qualified to handle family law appeals related to jurisdictional issues, property division, standing, conservatorship, possession and access, termination, parental rights and grandparent access.

Holly Draper is one of only a handful of family law attorneys in Texas that have argued before the Texas Supreme Court. In April of 2020, Ms. Draper argued a mandamus before the Texas Supreme Court in our firm’s most well-known appellate case, In re C.J.C.  That case has garnered national attention because of its potential impact to the constitutional rights of fit parents in Texas. Nine different organizations, including the State of Texas, filed amicus briefs in support of our position. Due to COVID-19, In re C.J.C. had to be argued via zoom and was live streamed on the Texas Supreme Court’s YouTube channel. In less than three weeks, the oral argument was viewed over 5,100 times. On June 26, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of Ms. Draper’s position, issuing what may very well be the most important parental rights opinion in Texas history.