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Credible Divorce and Family Law Services Offered in Richardson! 

When facing a hard divorce or uphill custody battle, it’s comforting to that an excellent divorce attorney gets on your side. The Draper Law Firm been the most trusted family law office in Richardson for years and remain to preserve our practice of quality with every one of our clients. From creating and serving divorce papers, to standing by your side in court, a family lawyer can be a crucial resource to have.

A divorce lawyer helps you navigate the complexities of Texas divorce regulations and processes with experience and sensitivity to help you get to an optimum outcome. We ensure your benefits are protected in all issues that affect you as well as your family.

Divorce Lawyers You Can Rely On


Nobody enters a marriage believing it will end in divorce, however the truth is that divorce can and does happen. When you find yourself facing a divorce, you’re also facing a number of legal battles regarding the splitting up of physical residential or commercial property, financial resources, and custody of youngsters and animals.

When moms and dads divorce, custody proceedings are an unpreventable part of the procedure. We acknowledge that this can be an extremely delicate circumstance for everyone involved, which is why we aim to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as possible. We work hard to give your youngster the best possible result to continue to grow in life. We have actually combated and won a case in this area in the Texas High Court.

FAQ About Divorce Lawyers in Richardson

What are the benefits of a divorce lawyer? 

Divorce lawyers can help you wade through legal minefields when you’re at a vulnerable point in your life. They guarantee you obtain a reasonable negotiation throughout divorce proceedings and that your rights are maintained throughout the procedure. 

Do I require a divorce lawyer? 

Despite having couples split agreeably, separations are seldom simple. A divorce lawyer helps you navigate tricky legal difficulties with self-confidence. A divorce attorney guarantees you obtain a reasonable share of your marriage possessions, favorable custody terms, and makes sure no stone has actually been left unchecked. 

What’s the difference between family law attorneys and divorce lawyers? 

Divorce lawyers and family law attorneys share a lot of overlap. The major difference is that family law lawyers also focus on matters that do not refer to divorce. This may consist of adoptions or wills, for instance. 

Reputable Divorce Lawyers in Richardson, TX


Richardson, Texas is a city in Collin county. The population was estimated to be 116,000 in 2019, according to Wikipedia. It is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Richardson is known for its diverse economy, which includes telecommunications, semiconductor design, and corporate headquarters. The city is also home to the University of Texas at Dallas. Richardson has a Council-Manager form of government. The community is very diverse, with people from all walks of life coming together to make Richardson a great place to be. Our best divorce lawyers at The Draper Law Firm are excited to help the citizens of Richardson with any legal matters they may have. If you or someone you know is in need of a family lawyer, be sure to contact us today at 469-715-6801!

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From Holly’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

From Holly’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.



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