What is “guideline” child support?

To calculate child support, the court must apply the child support guidelines found in the Texas Family Code.  The percentage found in the guidelines is applied to the monthly net resources of the obligor (the person paying child support.)  (The percentage only applies to the first $8,550 in net monthly resources.)

When all of the children for the obligor are in one household, the guidelines are as follows:

Number of Children                Percentage of income owed as child support

1                                                                    20%

2                                                                    25%

3                                                                    30%

4                                                                    35%

5                                                                    40%

6+                                Not less than the amount for 5 children

When the obligor has children in multiple households, the child support guidelines are calculated based on the total number of children before the court as compared to the total number of other children not before the court.  For example, if the obligor has two children before the court but three other children, the total percentage of net income owed for child support for the two children would be 19%.

Although there are some situations where the court will deviate from the guidelines, courts will order guideline support the vast majority of the time.

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