What can you expect at a temporary orders hearing in Collin County?

In family law cases, temporary orders are often necessary.  These are orders that can deal with a variety of issues, including temporary custody, a temporary possession and access schedule, temporary use of property, and interim attorney fees.  The orders only apply while the case is pending or until another order takes their place.  A temporary orders hearing is sort of a mini-trial.

Each county has different rules regarding temporary orders hearings.  In Collin County, you are limited to twenty minutes per side.   This includes the time for direct examination of your own witnesses and cross examination of the other side’s witnesses.  Twenty minutes goes by in a hurry, and it does not give you much time to call multiple witnesses or introduce many exhibits.  Although the judges will occasionally grant additional time, you and your attorney need to be prepared to limit yourselves to twenty minutes.   I normally plan on having only my client and the opposing party testify, but occasionally I will call an additional witness for a handful of questions.

It is really important to have an attorney who is familiar with temporary orders hearings in Collin County who knows how to get the most critical information out in a very short amount of time.  It can be difficult to obtain a different result at a final trial, if the temporary orders hearing goes against you.  Therefore, the temporary orders hearing is very important.

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